Sohrab Rowshan, M.B.A.

Mr. Sohrab Rowshan, MBA, is the member of The National Society of Accountants, and The Society of California Accountants. He has over 35 years of experience in the field of business structure, accounting and tax preparation. Over the years, he has helped thousands of businesses find a strong, profitable path, and most importantly, find an excellent source of tax planning. Additionally, he has worked with various state offices to help put his clients’ business entities in good standing.

Newport Business Consulting works to educate and advise you as to what type of business entity you require, and its cost to you. For example, what one’s liability would be in the case of an unforeseen event.

Mr. Rowshan’s unique tax and payroll planning system, designed and custom-tailored for new business ventures, is designed to work as a guide in one’s successful business enterprise. His system clearly lays out the pros and cons of being “employed,” and “self-employed,” and with added ONLINE ACCESSIBILITY (on most desktop and mobile devices), one may have easy access to critical tax information, employee and payroll data via

A Rich History in the Accounting Field Pays Off

In his early years, Mr. Rowshan found employment as a press machine operator at a cassette manufacturing company, while looking for work in the accounting field.

Opportunity soon came his way, when, while working in the in payroll department at a local hospital in Long Beach, California, he soon found work as an accountant at a local restaurant. Later, the owner of the restaurant he was working for caught on to Mr. Rowshan’s skill-set, and subsequently moved him into a strategic position as the restaurant’s “Financial Analyst.”
Because of his acute attention to detail in monetary matters, an established local credit union brought him on as a “Cash Management Officer,” where he learned critical guidelines that would later enhance his skill-set in the accounting profession, such as customer service, and the value of monetary investments.

In early 1989, a close friend suggested he open up his own accounting business, and as luck would have it, between 1989 and 1993, his new accounting business began taking on clients, while still working at the credit union. It was at this point he had a major business decision to move on, that is, whether to continue to work as a salaried employee, or to take the jump into building his own accounting business. After weighing in the pros and cons of both, Mr. Rowshan dove full-time into developing his own business, working long hours each week until he was able to stand on his own.

A Turning Point

2010 was a big year for Mr. Rowshan. Green60 Payroll Processing Service was opened. And in the process of listening to input from his clients, he realized that there was a critical need in the business community for a faster, more efficient and accessible Payroll Processing module. More importantly, this service would offer customers much more flexibility and freedom in processing payroll.

“I realized,” expressed Mr. Rowshan, “that during my employment as a cash management officer, many payroll processing services were taking advantage of clients and very hard working businesses. He saw that clients were being penalized for not reporting employee hours on time, and, furthermore, that client accounts were being debited unnecessarily. Also, there existed a long lag between the time payroll was completed until the checks were actually delivered to their clients. But one of worst travesties was that employees were kept waiting for their payroll checks to arrive.

Access to critical employee and employer financial data was also an issue. Employers were not allowed access to important W2 information, and when they contacted their respective payroll services, they were kept waiting for sometimes up to 2 hours to speak with someone who could help them.

And, in case clients were audited by either Federal, State, or a Workers Compensation auditors, quick access to critical financial documents and reports was always a problem.

It was then that came into being. Fast, Convenient, Accessible and Paperless payroll processing. “60,” would mean that in most instances, payroll processing for most businesses could be completed within a 60 minute parameter.

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