The Publisher is an entity, corporation, or even an individual promoting the Producer’s product, in this case, payroll services. The Publisher can offer the Producer’s services to potential clients by any legal means. For example, they can use blogs, social media, YouTube and of course word of mouth. The Publisher cannot make any modifications to the services the Producer offers, but they can communicate with the Producer any recommendations they may have. They cannot sign any other contract with the client other than the Producer’s services that are being offered. The Publisher will receive commission based on a table and schedule of payments. The Publisher may disclose his/her relationship with the Producer, in this case The Producer will give the Publisher a promotion code that identifies the Publisher and the new client will enter into the system so the Publisher gets credit. The clients may also let the Producer know who referred them. The Publisher may call Producer to inquire if certain clients had signed up for the service. The Publisher will not be liable for anything because of any relationship with the client.

The Producer will not hold the Publisher accountable unless the Publisher blatantly modifies the services they are offering. The Publisher is entitled to their commission based on a table and schedule of payments. Affiliate marketing is excellent for people who do not want to work an 8 to 5 schedule 5 days a week. It offers the Publisher freedom from being constrained in an office and they can work virtually anywhere.

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